Pet Grooming Services in Scottsdale, AZ ​

Personalized Pet Grooming

Optimize your pet’s health, accentuate their natural beauty, and tap into a bonding experience with your beloved companion with Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming. We are a trusted choice for compassionate, high-quality pet grooming services in Scottsdale, AZ. Embrace transformative, one-on-one pet grooming and discover how we can help your pet look and feel their best.

Experience True Comfort: Cage Free Pet Grooming

At Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming, we know that constraints and cages tarnish a pet’s grooming experience. Our cage-free grooming services are rooted in fostering a comfortable, safe, and stress-free environment to minimize your pet’s discomfort as much as possible. Our salon is open and spacious, allowing pets and their owners to relax and unwind without fear or stress. 

Premium Pet Grooming Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Full-Service Pet Grooming

Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming is your destination for full-service, affordable pet grooming. Our talented team takes a personalized approach to pet grooming. With an expansive range of grooming options, we develop individualized treatment plans that align with your pet’s breed, coat type, and lifestyle. We also provide a-la-carte services for those times in between full grooming appointments.

The Importance of Regular Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is an instrumental part of maintaining your pet’s appearance, comfort, and health. Regular pet grooming unlocks a wealth of advantages, including:

  • Healthier coat and skin
  • Reduced shedding and matting
  • Greater comfort during hot months
  • Eliminate foul odors
  • Relieve dry, itchy skin
  • Treat hotspots and lesions
  • Prevent skin/ear infections and ingrown nails

Our Expert Dog Groomers

Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming is comprised of industry-leading pet groomers. Our team is backed by years of experience and advanced education, including CPR, K-9 first aid, various grooming techniques, and diverse hygiene treatments. We leverage our training, expertise, and deep understanding of dog behavior to provide the highest level of care for your pet.

Bathing & Brushing

With bathing and brushing services, you can minimize shedding, keep your pet cool, alleviate matting, and achieve your pet’s softest, shiniest coat. Bathing is tailored to your pet’s skin and coat type, with special allergy and dry-skin products available for our sensitive guests. After shampooing and conditioning, we delicately brush their fur to ensure the ultimate rejuvenation experience.

Haircuts, Coat Trimming, & Styling

Whether you’re the proud owner of a long-haired breed or a fashionable pup, our haircuts, coat trimming, and styling services may be for you. Enhance your pet’s natural flair or get creative. Our skilled pet groomers are here to maintain the integrity and shine of your pet’s coat with refreshing cuts, trims, and styling solutions. 

Paw Care & Nail Trimming

Pet paws are sensitive. That’s why Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming extends our skills toward premium paw care and nail trimming. We carefully trim pet nails with the utmost precision to alleviate the risk of injury or discomfort. Our paw care may also include yeast removal, paw fur trimming, and hotspot treatments. 

Pet Ear Cleaning & Hygiene

Removing dirt and build-up from your dog’s ears can be a trying experience. Eliminate the hassle without compromising on your pet’s ear health with Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming. Available as a complete service or add-on, our pet ear cleaning and hygiene treatments are the key to healthy, happy, infection and odor-free ears.

Teeth Cleaning & Dental Hygiene

Just like humans, your pet’s teeth play a pivotal role in their systemic health. Promote optimal oral health and wellness with teeth cleaning and dental hygiene services at Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming. Our experts are here to get ahead of bad breath, gum disease, and decay to preserve your dog’s whitest, brightest teeth.

Schedule Your Pet Grooming Services

At Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming, our mission is to help your pet look and feel their best. With our cage-free, spacious environment, commitment to safety, and renowned groomers, partner with us for the ultimate pet pampering experience. Contact our friendly team to schedule your pet grooming services today.

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