Brush, Bath, & Beyond Pet Salon Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Revitalize Your Pet with Bathing & Brushing

Give your dog a five-star pampering experience with Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming’s pet bathing services. Our brush, bath and beyond pet salon services are the key to helping your pet look and feel their best. Discover personalized, one-on-one care with our expert dog groomers in Scottsdale, AZ.

Pet Bath & Brushing

Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming is here to enhance your pet’s comfort and shine. Our renowned pet groomers take an individualized approach to maintaining your dog’s coat quality, hygiene, and comfort. With tailored treatments, unrivaled expertise, and our spacious, cage-free environment, discover the gold standard of pet grooming with our experts in Scottsdale, AZ.

Pet Bathing Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Put Your Pet’s Best Paw Forward

When life gets hectic, your pet grooming needs may fall short. Fortunately, Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming is here to eliminate the hassle with flexible scheduling Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., and Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Reach out to our team to secure a grooming appointment that works for you.

Pet Bathing Services

Treat your trusted companion to luxury with our pet bathing services. Our bathing treatment includes a full bath with the shampoo, conditioner, and de-shedding products that align with your pet’s coat. Once they’re refreshed and dried, we finish the service with nail trimming, paw care, ear cleaning, coat trimming, and styling by request.

Pet Bath & Grooming Benefits

Pet bath and grooming boasts a number of sanitary, cosmetic, and dermatological benefits. The leading benefits include:

  • Eliminate dirt to promote cleaner fur and healthier skin.
  • Say goodbye to unpleasant odors.
  • Maintain your pet’s health and wellness.
  • Mitigate allergy symptoms and skin irritation.
  • Allow your pet to achieve a shiner, softer coat.
  • Combat excessive shedding.

Brushing Services

Our brushing services are offered alongside our pet bathing and grooming, but they can also be pursued independently. Brushing your pet’s coat with our professional-grade grooming tools allows us to remove matting to reveal your pet’s sleekest coat. Brushing also helps stimulate your pet’s natural oil production, contributing to healthier skin and fur.

Maintaining Ear & Dental Health

At Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming, we take pride in our comprehensive grooming experience. We complete our pet bathing and grooming with dental care and ear cleaning. We use pet-friendly toothbrushing products to alleviate decay, promote healthy teeth and gums, and gently clean out your pet’s ears to deter yeast build-up and ear infections.

Embrace Creative Flair: Bath & Bows Pet Grooming 

Step beyond traditional pet bath and grooming services and embrace creative flair with Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming’s bath and bows pet grooming. Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or simply looking to spruce up your pet’s style, we offer exciting pet bath and grooming add-ons, including:

  • Pet bows
  • Pet-safe nail polish
  • Pet-friendly, semi-permanent dye colors

Tailored Pet Bath & Grooming Plans

At Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming, we’re dedicated to the highest standards of quality pet bath and grooming services. We transcend cookie-cutter bath and brush pet grooming and provide personalized care to help your pet look and feel their best. We offer custom-tailored grooming plans that align with your pet’s breed, coat type, and lifestyle.

What You Can Expect

When you arrive for your grooming service, you will be met with a calm and inviting atmosphere. We curb the anxiety of traditional grooming experiences with our spacious, constraint-and-cage-free environment. With our one-on-one approach to grooming, your pet’s personal groomer will walk you through the process with compassion and care every step of the way.

Schedule Your Pet Bath & Grooming Services

Discover pet bath and grooming services that set the standard for quality and comfort with Sonoran Pawz Cage Free Grooming. As Scottsdale, AZ’s leading brush, bath, and beyond pet salon services, we’re here to enhance your pet’s beauty and health. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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